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The easiest Deus Ex modding guide ever

Published on 2020-05-22

With Deus Ex I only use one mod: GMDX. It improves the game without ruining it, nearly everything is touched but nothing has been trampled over. This mod greatly improves the graphics by adding extended OpenGL support and DirectX 9 & 10 support. The textures and lighting has been greatly improved. The gameplay and RPG elements have been improved or rebalanced. AI is better, and finally an extensive collection of bug-fixes has been bundled alongside.

I could go on forever, it is probably one of the best mod-packs a fan of any game could ask for.

On my Linux setup. GMDX was very easy to install into my Deus Ex copy (that I bought from GOG.com), just run the GMDX installer inside the same wineprefix as Deus Ex.

Once installed you will now be required to launch Deus Ex through the shortcut created by the installer (which is also located in GMDXv9/Play_GMDX.lnk"). Launching via any other method will result in a crash or will launch without the full modpack.

When you launch the game you will be met by Kentie's launcher, included with GMDX. From here you should check out the configuration.

Here is what I set:

Once you launch the game, you can access the GMDX options which will let you turn some features of the mod on/off. You should take the time to read each one of the gameplay functions and tweak to your liking, I perfer a much more conservative game personally, so I turn many features off.

On the main page of the Kentie launcher you should see links to the config files that you can edit manually. In gmdx.ini you can change the location that the game saves to, which is important since GMDX sets its own save directory. You can change it back to the default save path (..\Save) if you want access to your old saves.

That was all I did and to get the best of of GMDX, I am seriously impressed with this mod-pack. This is how I will be playing Deus Ex from now on, and it is what I would suggest to a new player fustrated by the parts of the game that haven't aged well.