De-bloat Android for privacy and freedom

Published on 2020-10-05

The invention of smartphones was a mistake. This guide attempts to control some of the fallout! This guide is quite interesting as it balances privacy, ...

How I got GTK and Qt to look consistant on my Linux desktop

Published on 2020-07-19

The first step for a uniform look across GTK and Qt is to find a theme that has both a GTK and Qt version. Sadly ...

How to discover and subscribe to most RSS feeds

Published on 2020-07-04

I have heard many say that RSS Feeds are dead. This misconception comes from Google's killing of Google Reader, in an attempt to push people ...

What to do after installing Arch Linux: My advice to a new user.

Published on 2020-06-30

When it comes to installing a minimalist distribution of Linux, the biggest difference will be package setup. With a distro like Arch, many "basics" such ...

The easiest Deus Ex modding guide ever

Published on 2020-05-22

With Deus Ex I only use one mod: GMDX . It improves the game without ruining it, nearly everything is touched but nothing has been ...

pass (unix password manager) for beginners

Published on 2019-03-23

Hello all, This article will get you started with the unix-style pass Password Manager. Generate GPG keys The first step is to generate GPG keys ...

OpenStreetMap: How to add lots of buildings fast with JOSM and building_tools

Published on 2019-02-20

This tutorial aims to help newish users to OpenStreetMap draw buildings rapidly. Whether you are doing this in your home town or with HOTOSM, everyone ...